A Real Estate Platform Built on Wordpress

A Real Estate Platform Built on Wordpress

An estate agents website is their 'bread and butter' and brand is everything. My role within this company included branding, design, and overseeing the entire front-end development process.

Project Scope

The real estate agency had been working with an open source real-estate management system (Open Realty) but they were troubled by the lack of customizations that were available to them, especially as the system was targeted towards US agencies and did not meet the specifications that the required as they are based in Thailand. Together with the client, we engineered a solution on top of Wordpress that would meet their needs and also offer easy maintainability for the future

Website Design

Their website was singled out as being their number 1 priority. To differentiate themselves from their competitors, they wanted a site that was aesthetically pleasing and also functional.


The site should be full of features that gave their clients the information they wanted and quickly. The information needed to be relevant for their locale.


They need to be able to show properties along with relevant information on a map with other locale information such as nearest schools and shopping facilities


The agency employed a number of agents. They should be able to log in, post properties, be contactable as the agent of that property and manage their clients


Clients on both sides of the market should be able to contact the agency and fulfil their property goals

Branding and Marketing

Strengthen brand awareness and confidence through branded digital and printed materials and contents

Chiang Mai Estate Agents

A property portal built on top of WordPress.