GA: PacMan-JS - A Tribute to a Classic Arcade Game

GA: PacMan-JS - A Tribute to a Classic Arcade Game

A PacMan game built with vanilla JavaScript as a solo programming exercise during General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive.

Project Scope

The project had the following scopes

Requirement 1

The player should be able to clear at least one board

Requirement 2

The player's score should be displayed at the end of the game

Enhancement 1

Smart Ghosts

Enhancement 2

Responsive design

Enhancement 3

Each board gets more difficult

Enhancement 4

Persistent leaderboard using `localStorage`

Pac Man is a classic arcade game from the 80s. The player aims eat all the food in a maze whilst being hunted by ghosts.

If the player eats special flashing food the ghosts start to flash and can now be captured by the player, sending them back to their holding pen, from where they can once again start to hunt the player.

The aim is to achieve the highest score possible before being killed by the ghosts.